Before we dive in, I’d like to acknowledge the participants of the first #NFTBLOCKCOUNT contest. There would be no “second event” had they not taken a chance on the fun! All handles are from Twitter:

  1. @Mango Dogwood
  2. @WatchDNN
  3. @mew_psd
  4. @shilldianajones
  5. @bitttynfts
  6. @moestradamu5

YOU HAVE ALL SECURED 2 FREE ENTRIES THIS ROUND!!!! Please post your guesses when ready.


On with the show….

In the first-ever NFTBLOCKCOUNT contest, I had asked that you submit your…

“Please give me free stuff, so that I can sell it and get myself ahead while you (the artists), should just be grateful for any opportunity to showcase your stuff”. Sound familiar?

Diving in…

If you’ve ever told ANYONE that you create, then you’ve likely been hit up for freebies. In an attempt to make things a little more interesting, I’m hosting my first jellybean contest (with a twist)!

You may remember these from school days, but just in case you don’t:

Someone fills a jar or other large, typically transparent container with a known quantity of jellybeans and gives…

Diving in...

2021 had an interesting start. I woke up, ate breakfast, then spent 9.5 hours giving away art.

Wait, what?

Yup, it was a pretty great day!

100 pieces of “unique art” were generated and given away, for free, through a Twitter account. No money exchanged hands and no gas was used. This wasn’t about blockchain or crypto. This wasn’t even about art.

This was about how I want to see the circles I’m bouncing around, feed each other in 2021.

After all the pieces were done, a tweet went out to commemorate the conclusion of what I thought…

It appears that a new trend is forming, and I think it’s pretty funky!

Diving in…

One of my favorite artists in this space Jon Noorlander (clap if you see him!) pondered casually into the void:

@niftytime was very quick to reply, and the clarity it provided has changed my perception of #NFTWEETS …check it out below!

A Wonderful Awful Idea

Today, I saw the opportunity to bid on a tweet that I knew was going to be lifted…time to dive in!

The question was simple:

I painstakingly collected 500 pennies, converted them into ETH, and slammed in my best offer.

Peng Wins

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